The Municipality of San Vicente Palawan is reposting its travel guidelines with a special reminder as follows:

“Important Reminder: San Vicente does not require a negative Antigen Test for vaccinated travelers, however, the Provincial Govt of Palawan being under Alert Level 2, may still require a Negative Antigen Test to all travelers coming to Palawan. Please check your Airline requirements upon booking. Please be guided.”

This came along following reports that travelers were not able to board their flights as some Airlines continue to require a copy of Negative Antigen Test (NAT) Result to San Vicente-bound passengers upon boarding since the Province of Palawan being under Alert Level 2 status, retains its requirement to include a Negative Antigen Test Result before departure.

San Vicente Municipal IATF on March 7, has already approved the removal of the Negative Antigen Test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers to emphasize the importance and the perks of being fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 and recognizing that travelers or visitors are mostly coming from the locations under Alert Level 1 or low-risk areas such as the National Capital Region (NCR).

“San Vicente or the Province of Palawan is still under Alert Level 2 status, yes, but our visitors are mostly from Alert Level 1 areas such as NCR and PPC, so it is just but fitting that we apply a lighter requirement to them because they came from places with risk level status lower than us, … and this only applies to vaccinated travelers, unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals are still required to have a Negative Antigen Test and Negative RT-PCR for tourists” SVIATF-PIO explained.

As for now, the Municipality is reminding the travelers destined to San Vicente that it is important to check with their Airlines upon booking their flights if the Negative Antigen Test is a requirement before boarding to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.