SAN VICENTE, Palawan, Philippines – Mayor Amy Roa Alvarez has passed the proposed budget for 2021 to the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, last week, amounting to PhP 458 Million for both the General Fund and operations of Economic Enterprise.

Receipts by Source – 2021 Annual Budget of San Vicente, Palawan

Following the National Government’s fiscal framework “Reset, Rebound and Recover: Investing for Resiliency and Sustainability”, the budget for the next year is geared towards improving healthcare delivery system to reduce morbidity, enhancing agricultural services to ensure food sufficiency, providing job opportunities for displaced individuals through LGU-funded community projects and infrastructure projects to improve San Vicente’s resiliency.

Budget by Purpose – 2021 Annual Budget of San Vicente, Palawan

The PhP458 Million budget was prepared in consultation with stakeholders, barangay officials and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) . It was built upon the gains of this administration made over the first and a half year of Mayor Amy Roa Alvarez by continuing the policy thrust for good governance, inclusive growth and sustainable development.

General Public Services Sector remained to have the largest share of the budget for the next year at 158 Million, or thirty five percent of the local budget to fund the unhampered operations of the Municipal Government.

Budget by Sector – 2021 Annual Budget of San Vicente, Palawan

Meanwhile, 33% of the total budget is allotted for social services sector. The budget allocation for this sector was 13% higher than the previous budget as to give way for programs and projects that will strengthen the LGU’s capacity to address the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic particularly on health services and implementation of social protection programs.

32 percent of the budget (PhP 149 Million) is for economic sector, to fund infrastructure programs, tourism projects, livelihood activities and other PPAs that will generate employment among residents.

Budget by Expense Class – 2021 Annual Budget of San Vicente, Palawan

The Local Government has also included significant allocations on development programs. Consistent with the priorities of the administration, 28% of the total budget is allotted for development projects on healthcare service delivery, solid waste management, water supply system and economic development. On the other hand, the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (LDRRMF) is at 8% or Php 33 Million, all intended for disaster response and preparedness and additional PPAs to combat the pandemic.

Budget for Administrative Expense by Office – 2021 Annual Budget of San Vicente, Palawan

For the next fiscal year, the operations of Economic Enterprise will be sourced from its estimated income of PhP 23 Million, six million higher than the current year.

Certified as urgent, the executive department earnestly calls for the immediate passage of the 2021 Appropriations Ordinance, which shall authorize the funding of the LGU, including indispensable PPAs that complement the National and Provincial Governments’ initiative to suppress the problems and cope up with the impacts brought out by the threat of the pandemic.

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Administrative Expense Class Ratio by Office
Ranking by Budget for Administrative Expense
Ranking by PS Budget
Ranking by MOEE Budget (Administrative Expense)
Ranking by Capital Outlay Budget (Administrative Expense)
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