Geographical Location

Municipality of San Vicente is located in the province of Palawan, about 186 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City, and has a total land area of 165,797.6525 hectares. San Vicente lies on the west coast of Palawan, on the shores of South China Sea.

On the Philippine map, it is placed between 119.30 degrees longitude and 10.50 degrees latitude on the northwestern side of the main island of Palawan.

Political Boundaries

San Vicente is bounded on the North by the municipality of Taytay, on the East by the municipality of Roxas, on the South by the city of Puerto Princesa, and on the West by West Philippine Sea. The municipality has jurisdiction over ten (10) barangays, one of which is urban and the rest are rural. The ten barangays are the following: Alimanguan, Binga, Caruray, Kemdeng, New Agutaya, New Canipo, Poblacion, Port Barton, San Isidro and Sto. NiƱo.


The municipality has generally rugged terrain with highest elevation at 703 meters above sea level. It has varying slope classes. There is about twenty two percent (22%) of the total land area of flat to gentle slopes (0-8%) which is adequate for the urban and agricultural development expansion, forty-six percent (46%) which rugged to steep slopes (18-50%), and thirty one (31.08%) percent of moderate slopes (8-18%) (PCSDS 2006).

The barangays with largest area of flat lands are Caruray, Port Barton and New Agutaya and are considered suitable for agriculture and human settlements development (PCSDS 2006). On the other hand, the barangays with the smallest areas of flat lands are Sto. Nino and Binga. Barangays with areas of flat to gentle slopes (18% and below) are Binga, Alimanguan, Sto. Nino, San Isidro, New Canipo, Kemdeng, and New Agutaya. These comprise the 53.58% of the municipal land area that are suitable for the expansion of human settlements when appropriate soil erosion control and slope stabilization measures are undertaken (PCSDS, 2006); and agricultural development provided that soil-crop suitability was undertaken.